Free Course

Free Photoshop Course for Absolute Beginners

Many of you have always wanted to start using Photoshop but had no idea where and how to start. So, take a deep breath. Because the Vertechs brings you a completely free course on Photoshop. In this course, we’ll be teaching you the basics of the Photoshop along with some really cool and advance photoshop tricks, filters and tools.

Because this is a course for absolute beginners, we’ll be looking at almost every single tool that appears on the toolbar along with layer styles, blending modes, adjustment layers, channels, paths, filters and much more.

The course will be divided into many lessons. Each lesson will be focusing on a specific tool or topic. I recommend you to start the course from lesson 1 and keep following as we post the new lesson.

By the end of this course, you will be able to design some really cool and amazing graphics in photoshop along with the photo manipulation. Once you complete this course, you can experiment in photoshop on your own to explore the possibilities of doing creative things in Photoshop.

The course will be starting from July 1. So, for the continuous updates of the course, subscribe to our channel. Because we’ll be uploading the lessons very frequently. Also, hit the bell icon to not miss a single lesson. If you find this course helpful, please recommend the course to your friends.